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We recognize that it is very important to safeguard personal information of our customers, and here we set and carry out our Data Protection Statement.


1) Compliance with the Law
Whenever we handle personal information, we comply with Private Information Protection Law of Japan and this Data Protection Statement.


2) Purpose of Use
We use your provided personal information (such as name, company, address, phone number, fax number, and e-mail address) for the technical administration of our website and for responding to your inquiries. Furthermore, we may use your personal information for market research purpose.


3) Collecting Information
Unless you sent after filling the contact form voluntarily, your personal information is not collected while visiting our website.


4) Disclosure
Your personal information may be forwarded to our contact point of your address in order to respond to your inquiries. In other cases, we never pass your personal information to any other third parties except in the case stated in the law.


5) Inquiry
If you no longer want your information to be used by us or wish it to be changed or deleted, or if you have any questions about our Data Protection Statement, please contact