WEST had founded in 1933 by Asajiro Nishi (Mr.) as “Nishi Seisakusho”(Nishi's factory).
He started with manufacturing of lock sets and ironmongery hardware mainly for vessels.
Due to the large demands of rapid economic growth after World WarⅡ, our product range had shifted to the category of house building hardware.

At that time, the locking system for the majority of sliding doors in Japan was still a screw-in type.
Our development of the CL lock for sliding door, which enables users to lock in single action, was an epoch-making product and caused a huge expansion of WEST's market share.
Following that, WEST has released the automatic sliding door closer as well as the Push-Pull lock which releases a latch bolt by pushing and pulling the door handle.

Our product range has widened and varied in accordance with the needs of our clients for their OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) products.
On the other hand, having our own brand was main theme for us to show WEST’s presence.
The Agaho series was born with that idea.
Since it has been released as our flagship model, it has been making a good reputation for its design. And also it has been awarded at iF product design award Gold in 2008.  

We have been always eager to develop new product for the future.




Yasuo Nishi(Mr.)


3-18-3 Shimeno, Neyagawa city, Osaka
572-0077 Japan


ISO9001 certified in 1998